The Jews, the most celebrated nation in the world.

The Israelites or Jews are excitedly overjoyed to see other nations praising and magnifying their achievements. It is even more exciting and indeed a remarkable feat for Jews to learn that a rural pastor or priest from Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape or Ravhele in Limpopo, another one from Harare or Lagos or Malawi, are singing praises about Abraham and Moses and even encouraging their congregations to ‘march to Jerusalem’. This planned march by these men and women of God has put Tel Aviv on high alert as they may be invaded by African nations in their God-given country!

What further raises Israel’s alarm to believe that they may be under siege is the on-going confrontation between it and Hamas, the Palestinian state. Hamas could hi-jack a peaceful Christian march and launch an attack on Israel, so they think. Israel only realised later, after being advised by the United States, that they should not panic as these marches to Jerusalem are nothing but a declaration of faith by Christians in African countries! It is a spiritual march not the actual toyi-toyi to Jerusalem.

But what exactly am I talking about?

Many of us who experienced Christianity through the missionaries (was there any other way?) were led to believe that our salvation lied in Jerusalem. We were told about Abraham and his obedience and reverence to God or Yahweh, and how he left his country and went to settle in Canaan. We were told about Moses and his remarkable feat of leading the children of Israel out of captivity and the parting of the water at the red sea. The same Moses wrote 5 books of the Old Testament, known as the Torah which is still being faithfully read and recited by Jews all over the world.

But what the missionaries did not tell us was that, the Jews have never asked anyone to regard them or cite them as a symbol of worship or spiritual fulfilment! They have never invaded other countries and forced them to adopt their faith as the overarching, be-all and end-all, of all religions. They have always believed that Abraham was their founding father and Moses their messiah. The Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. No, they still do not to this day! To them the messiah did not perform miracles and healed people during the Sabbath. This is reason enough to explain why they handed Jesus over to the Romans to be killed! In fact, Jews are jealous about sharing their religion with others!

First it was the Romans then the Europeans, through missionaries who saw the opportunity to infiltrate the world and feed it this propaganda through the barrel of a gun and to adopt the Israelites’ quest as the sign of religious liberty over other religions that were practiced by the indigenous people.

The goal was and still remains – to introduce a new world order! The results of which was to control the wealth of the world, be it minerals, human or land. Their goal was to create a system that will make the nations of the world become indebted to them for eternity! Ever head of this phrase: ‘we are born into sin’? Sin is equal to debt. And they have succeeded as today we see the remnants of their actions in many nations.

Lately they are talking about global warming as if they alone hold the knowledge of how the climate and indeed the universe work. The weather will change, whether we burn coal or not, we reduce carbon footprint or not. I am not born into sin; in fact no human being is born into sin. As for marching to Jerusalem, count me out!