The Universe

The universe is the totality of everything that exists, also referred to as all creation, including all matter, energy, planets, galaxies and other intergalactic space: source by Wikipedia.

Before the universe was created by the supernatural force or spirit, there existed darkness and this darkness ensured that nothing would be created. For nothing to not be created, it would require some energy or force to ensure that creation does not take place. I hope this is not confusing as it almost sounds like tautology, but please bear with me.

In other words the force of darkness preceded all creation. The reason for that was for the force of darkness to acquire dual roles, i.e. to become a backdrop or container in which all creation would reside. Another role was to become the authority over the envisaged creation or the universe that was to come into existence.

Along came the force of light that was to enable creation to take place. In other words, the force of light was a force or energy that had the ability to harbour life or enable creation to take place. The force of light too, had a dual role just like the force of darkness. The first was to be a life-enabling energy or force and the second to have authority over the universe. These two forces are to be known as the Forces That Govern The Universe (FGU).

Remember all creation was created by the Supreme Force (Supernatural Being)! The supreme force is the Originator of all things. Then Supreme Force gave authority to the forces of darkness and of light to after creation took place. These forces were simply given the authority to govern the universe that had been created by the Supreme Being. This supreme force is known by many names throughout many nations. It is called God, Modimo, UThixo, Unkulukulu, Allah, Yahweh and many more. Every nation acknowledges that there is a superior being or force or light that gave birth to all creation.

Back to the forces that govern the universe otherwise known as The authority, their role to the universe is to:

  1. Give commands, instructions, and diktat, to lay down the laws and maintain balance of forces in the universe.
  2. To ensure and give prosperity, abundant resources, wealth, health, wisdom, etc. to the whole creation or the universe.
  3. In addition, the force of light would ensure the existence of a harmonious and coherent relationship among all creation.
  4. The force of darkness on the other hand, would, after the life of any creation had expired, be called into action to take way that life.
  5. No force should over-power another as this will result in chaos and catastrophe.
  6. Both forces were to be in contrast but complementary to one another – as their roles are not to oppose each other but to exist together.

I call these two forces The Executive Authority as their purpose and objective, responsibilities and roles are to ‘provide direction’ and thus sustain the efficient and effective functioning of the universe. The first level of authority was given to the stars, the sun, moon, planets, galaxies and other celestial bodies. I agree with science for the first time that stars are born and they later die.
It takes millions of years for a star to form and it composition is mainly volumes and volumes of gases. When a star dies, it goes supernova, i.e. it explodes with such high energy and releases into space, materials that are vital to sustain planets and its inhabitants or the universe at large. The role played by the start injects to the universe a ‘new lease on life’.

The sun, our nearest star, has been given the authority to shine consistently and without fail, day and night every year and to support life in our solar system, particularly here on earth. The sun dare not disobey the commands of The Executive Authority because if that was to be the case, chaos will result.

Planets also have the second level of authority and their purpose and objective is to be the habitat of all that live in them, in other words, they have to provide a safe refuge for all its inhabitants. As it has been reported, planet earth is the only planet in the solar system that harbours life, at least life as we know it. Planets were ‘ordered’ to orbit the sun, each planet in its orbit.

Planets like any other and as part of creation, have to orbit the sun at intervals pre-determined by the creator and maintained by The Executive Authority. Planets follow this instruction as their continued existence depends on the vital sun which gives life to them. Imagine if one planet was to disobey the instruction and enter into another’s orbit what the result would be? Planets also, dare not defy The Executive Authority.

Human beings too were given the third level of authority, I guess after the dinosaurs had gone extinct. We will never know why dinosaurs perished or whether it was to give human being a chance to exist. The third level of authority given to human beings ensured that we are required take care of our planet by not destroying it. We had to look after all animals, plants and the environment at large. We have to live peacefully side-by-side with our fellow human and most importantly obey The Executive Authority.

In addition, men were charged with the responsibility of laying down the law, commands, instruction, leadership, judgement, guidance, advice, wisdom, provision for their families and create wealth for generations that will follow, and this authority was not negotiable. And once when given authority, it cannot be taken away. And if men neglect or fail to take up that responsibility, then the authority will be deferred to the female species as is the case here in our country today. It should be noted that authority cannot be destroyed, but rather transferred.

But how then does The Executive Authority ensure that the universe adheres and obeys the commands and instruction given unto it? And how does the universe submit to and obey the commands and laws from The Executive Authority? This is made possible by a type of communication which is spiritual. I call this spirituality. The ability for the universe to be in constant communication with the Authority and vice versa is borne by the spiritual link that exists between them. The universe is spiritual, therefore for the universe to survive it needs constant spiritual interaction with its authority. THIS IS CALLED SPIRITUALITY!

This link must be maintained at all times, because that is where prosperity, wisdom, wealth and resources come from. If this link was to break, then chaos will result.
With the African people that link had been broken. It was broken by white people by means of slavery, colonialism and apartheid throughout the centuries.

For any nation to be caused to suffer such hardship over prolonged periods of time, its spirituality eventually will be eroded. The nation’s culture, tradition, values, etc. will be depleted and thus that nation will be like a planet that has been nudged off its orbit, on a collision course with other planets!

That nation will no longer have regard for the authority, no longer acknowledging the creator that gave it life! The nation will become the victim of aggression and as such will adopt or emulate the ways of the aggressor. The nation will become violent and destructive to itself and other nations. It will forever be embroiled in never-ending conflicts.

When we see all these things we shall know that we are no longer one with the rest of the universe, we no longer co-exist with it and therefore out of sync with the rest of creation. We will no longer have the wisdom to solve our problems, the courage to take action to solve our problems and to improve our lives. Other nations will take advantage of us and therefore feed us their foreign ideologies and values. Our spiritual connectedness with the universe shall be no more.

The only thing we need to do is reconnect with the universe. As to how we reconnect will be the subject for another discussion at another time.

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