Corruption and its cancerous attack on our nation

The world is beset with corruption today and African countries led the pack until South Africa after attaining freedom in 1994, has since taken the lead as the most unequal and corrupt country in the world.  I don’t know how factual this statement is, but there is an element of truth to it. But why is corruption rampant and out of control today? And what is corruption anyway?

Corruption is defined as dishonesty, exploitation and bribery, etc. It is the single most evil act that has ever happened to humanity. It is like a cancer that slowly and systematically, breaks down the fabric of society until the society is no more! It eats away at the core, values and principles of humanity and turns those who are involved into liars, immoral and thugs. It involves two parties, an active participant who is the corrupter, and the coerced, who is the corrupted or corruptee.  Often the corrupted becomes the victim as s/he did not freely participate or did not have the full understanding of the scale of destruction his/her participation would cause.

The coercer is the canny one, mischievous and manipulative, often subtle and discreet and many a times credible and persuasive. The coercer using techniques that are superior to the coerced, always gets away with it. But over time the coerced becomes the corruptor and the tricks learnt from the master manipulator are often flawed, inferior and are found wanting. He is caught many times with his hand in the cookie jar. He could not learn the trade as seamlessly as the master since corruption was initially not his game; he was simply forced into it, hence he is the bullied. This is exactly the situation we have in Africa and in particular, its leaders.

The biggest corruption ever committed was the use of religion to rule over humanity. This remains the most single act of corruption perpetrated by man against his folk. Catholicism, later followed by Anglicism are the main acts of corruption ever experienced. They sought to deceive nations by creating a system of faith that was forced on the people with the aim of oppressing them and removing their spiritual and socioeconomic liberties.

From religion followed the economic system which was based on taking from the many people and giving to the few. This resulted in the two classes of people, the rich or the haves and the poor or the have-nots. This system is called capitalism. Money was introduced, a concept stolen from the Chinese, and it was this currency of exchange that would become synonymous with ‘free trade’ and thus capitalism. Later the education system followed, which created a further classification of human beings into failures – those who did not make the grade, and graduates – those who passed the grade.

A new political system was introduced and it was called democracy, where a person by virtue of amassing many votes over his rival opponent would become the ruler or president of a country. The era of Industrialisation soon followed and it is this system that has changed the face of the earth and its inhabitants. The JP Morgan’s, Rothschild’s,  Rockefellers, etc. of the world emerged and they were the first corrupters of the modern-day era and sadly they have had admirers to this day. Companies were formed and the business community was born with much influence that bought politicians to act favourably and sympathetically to their business interests.

Today the world is under siege by groups like the Bilderberg Group, Anglo-Dutch Oligarchs who have held governments and the world to ransom by their insatiable appetite for more and more profits. They are creating wars across the globe, creating diseases so that their pharmaceutical companies could benefit out of massive government contracts much to the detriment of the disease-ravaged nations. HIV, a virus which is harmless, was hyped up and said to cause AIDS and yet no death certificate carries AIDS as the cause of death. There’s a new phenomenon called Global Warming. But this one is flawed and from its inception, many have seen through it as a scheme to defraud governments of the world.

The banking system, the second largest corruption system after religion, has devastated the lives of many people. Banks create money out of thin air. I have always been fascinated by the word ’interest’ and how it was used to indebt and enslave nations. ‘We are born into sin’, so says one religion whereas in fact the correct interpretation should be – ‘we are all born into financial debt’.

Now our politicians here in Africa and in particular South Africa do not have an inkling into knowing that their corrupt practices are but only perpetuating the continuance of the master corrupters’ stranglehold over our continent and country. They are foolish to know that their behaviour only ferments the social unrest in societies which will eventually lead to an uprising by those who have been robbed and stolen from all this time. They have missed the opportunity to denounce the corrupt practices of the master by advocating for change and as such introducing a new world order. And order that will reverse all the atrocities by the imperial masters and therefore carve a name for themselves!

But what did we expect from a leadership that form the onset since their so called ‘liberation struggle’, has always been obsessed with the quest to be equal to white people? Their political struggle had misled the people! They have used the people to gain power which today it has become apparent why the struggle was fought in the first place. They, like the master corrupter have used the people as bait, and thus are implicated in the same way as their masters as corrupt. Their intentions were always skewed, skewed towards enriching themselves.

Today I hate the liberation struggle and also that it was fought in the name of the people! Let us set the records straight: the liberation struggle was fought by those who harboured the intentions and ambitions to be equal to whites. Those who today unashamedly loot and pillage the coffers of their respective countries. Those who have sold out and nailed their colours to the mast! They have made clear and unambiguous choices; that they were never sincere in their struggle to defend the poor and the downtrodden.

They share their loot, our money, with their children and relatives. I loathe being a child of a corrupt parent, my conscience can never be free to enjoy privileges over the wave of unemployment, poverty and inequality. To these children whose parents publicly loot the government’s coffers should feel ashamed to have parents like these, they should disown them! How do you raise your kids with stolen government money? How do you give your child privileges over the poorest children of our country? Shame, shame and shame on you!

Our leaders have indeed learnt the ways of their colonial masters and today they excel at them!