Rape, why does it happen at all?

The recent rape, mutilation and death of Anine Booysen awoke in me anger and resentment towards the male species in this country. Like the rest of the country I was horrified, but a thought came to mind which triggered a lot of questions which answers I could not provide. Rape, why does it take place in the first place and what is it?

Sexual intercourse is a spiritual phenomenon that is meant to procreate or bring life to the world. Therefore sexual intercourse is sacred. But when it occurs as a form of violence or rape, then it loses its spiritual relevance and the results are devastating. But when people rape, or correctly put, when men rape women, then we should know that a spiritual shift in terms of the forces of nature has occurred and whose purpose would be to correct an anomaly that has occurred!  What am I talking about?

During the times of war, notably World War I and II and many other civil and revolutionary wars, despite armies using all sorts of arms, what is commonplace is women who fall victim to rape! Here the anomaly is the ensuing war with devastating results of deaths.

Showbiz celebrities (musicians, actors, etc.) and sports personalities like footballers, athletes, etc.  misuse women at a rate worse than imagined. To these celebrities, sex has been reduced to a hobby no longer holding any spiritual value. There is a saying that ‘sex sells’. You will find a motorbike advert depicting a beautiful woman lying in a sexually-suggestive position on the bike seat. Here the anomaly is the blatant disregard of women and their cheap display as sex object.

These are but two of the many examples there are.

But why does the rape of women supposed to correct an anomaly that has occurred? It is because women are life-bearing and they preserve life. The ordeal of being raped, though distraught and painful to women is meant to send a signal to humans that something devastatingly wrong has occurred and thus it needs to be corrected! The woman who was designed to bring life on earth is under attack and needs rescuing!

In peaceful times rape is unheard of but in troubled times not only is it prevalent, but rampant. In South Africa we have the highest rate of rape by far. That should mean our problems are far great, like unemployment, poverty, lack of education, corruption and many, many more. Our leaders are no way near solving these problems instead they are concerned with leadership positions.

It is not only our leaders but the society at large. Our nation has lost its spirituality, black Africans are by far the worst affected simply because of apartheid and colonialism which still bears scars to this day.  Blacks are spiritually disconnected from the universe; we are like a planet that has been nudged off its orbit, on a collision course with other planets. The scourge of rape (and other anomalies) is felt more in our communities than elsewhere!

Let us rally to rescue our women folk from this perpetual torture and torment. Hear the cries and agony of women and children from the far distance. If we are men of substance like I know we are, the time is now to correct the wrongs in our society and country. To the leaders of this country, the rape of women and children are the result of an anomaly that needs correcting, i.e. your leadership.