Mandela Notes

What a sorry state of affairs it is for Mandela notes will come into circulation! It was a sad day indeed and this had marked a point in our history where our icon has been reduced to the crooks that run the world, i.e. The Bilderberg Group, The Freemasons and other many secret societies.

Money is not the root of all evil, it is the evil that continue to cause untold sufferings and misery to the innocent people of the world. It is the same money that was and is still being used to devastate Africa by Europeans and the west. The Chinese also seized the opportunity to further plunge Africa into the abyss. Money is now destroying Europe with Greece, Spain in distress.

To further illustrate the point about the evil of money, how come no African nation before the white man cometh had minted and used money as a currency of exchange? Africa had fewer wars then than after money was introduced! In fact the whole world is in turmoil as money continues to destroy the fabrics of societies.

What drove whites to enslave, colonise and cause black people to suffer under apartheid? Was it hatred or the allure of money? The world order was decided and shaped by those who had money, and look at what the world has become? Today we spend all our time chasing after money yet we end up with less and less time to spend it.

The corrupting effect money has, has corroded the African people (other nations will speak for themselves) of their spirituality and our politicians bare testimony to the fact. Its corrupting effect has eaten away the fabric of our society. Our Madiba has not escaped its effect, even though having not acquiesced to his image being used on these sordid evil papers called notes.

Something people forget is: The universe existed without the need for money. I do not have money, I am unemployed and many in our country are, but the lack of money does not limit or take away my ability to think or write you this email, see because I don’t need money to get in touch with you or to live my life!

Human beings are wired today into believing that money makes the ‘world go round’ in fact the world has always orbited the sun, money or not! I will be terrified if the sun stops shining and the earth stops revolving around it!