Connectedness with the universe, aka Spirituality

In order for the universe to interact with The Authority (the forces that govern the universe), there has to exist some form of communication between them.  For planets, stars, the sun, moon, humans, plants and animals to be in communication with The Executive Authority there has to be some form of interaction. In any form of communication there has to be the sender of the message, the medium over which the message is relayed and the receiver or recipient. This is a simple principle of communication.

The form of communication between the universe and The Executive Authority is a spiritual communication. This is an intricate and often misunderstood concept. How can a planet communicate or does it communicate at all? If we agree that planets were created, then it should follow that some sort of communication must exist  and should be maintained with its creator.

If a car manufacturer builds a car there would exist some form of interaction between the manufacturer and the car in order for the car to perform to the expectation and design of the manufacturer. You can think of anything worthy that have been made or invented by humans and extrapolate the relationship between the creator/maker and the object that had been created.

Human beings, like the car manufacturer, have authority over their ‘creation’ and thus will intervene whenever their creation does not live to their desired expectations. I hear the Darwinists sighing heavily with disagreement with this statement. Evolution is a flawed belief, it does not address the origin of species and yet it wants to have a say over the ‘evolution’ of their origin. That cannot be correct. I do not think we need to waste time deciphering the theory of Charles Darwin, it belongs in the past and that is where it should remain!

Many people have defined spirituality in many ways. Definitions like (sources credited):

  1. Quality or fact of being about the soul or spirit as opposed to one’s physical nature or material things.
  2. Incorporeal (ethereal) or immaterial nature.
  3. An inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of their being or the deepest values and meanings by which people live.
  4. Believe in immaterial realities or experiences of the immanent or transcendent nature of the world.

These are but some of the definitions I managed to find and they sure are conflicting each other yet trying to define on concept.

Traditionally, many religions have regarded spirituality as an integral aspect of their religious experience. Many believed it is an endeavour or journey to enhance our relationship with our creator. There is also a definition of African spirituality, which further throws wide the understanding of the concept of spirituality making it more and more complex. Those who say that human beings are one will therefore oppose the view that something like African spirituality exist. If there is only one human race, then spirituality should and must be one, and not classified as African, Western, etc. We should not have European, Asian or African spirituality, but only one form of spirituality!

Despite the countless definitions and conceptualisation of spirituality, one thing is certain though that almost all definitions refer to the human being’s relationship with the immanent or divine being. Nothing is mentioned about the animals, birds and plants, our relationship with them including our interactions with them. According to the above definitions we discount other forms of creation. We pay homage only to the celestial bodies and the supreme ruler of the world forgetful that all creation is one hence the name, the universe.

Our relationship with animals and plants is not regarded as spiritual according to the definitions I have cited. I believe that is the fundamental omission that the humans have made throughout time. This selective spirituality leaves much to be desired and thus cannot be used to define what spirituality should be.

Let me attempt to decipher the concept of spirituality to you.

All creation has the ability to connect with the creator, just like a car built by man has a way of communicating with man and man with it. But this type of communication is predetermined rather than a two way process. A man after building the car programs it to performs certain functions and he expects it to behave in a pre-set manner, failing which the car shall be deemed to malfunction.

But the spirituality that exists in the universe is not like that. It is based on the spirit that ordered that creation to come onto existence. It is this spiritual ability that enabled the forces that govern the universe to send commands to all creations in a particular manner. For example, let us take the sun. As scientists recently discovered that the sun consists of helium and hydrogen gases with hydrogen constantly undergoing a nuclear reaction and through a process called electromagnetism, the sun releases energy into the universe that preserves life on the planets, especially our planet earth.

The presence of God’s spirit which created the universe comes into play here. If the energy released by the sun has the ability to preserve life, then there must be something spiritual about it. Scientists cannot merely tell us that the sun preserve life by observation only without delving deep into the concept. We cannot claim to know what electricity is except knowing how to regulate and use it to power up appliances. Science only defines electricity but it does not tell us why it exists and how it is able to do power up electrical devices.

Science only makes observations though, thus we should expect it to answer the existence of things!

Another example: Our planet earth. Earth is alive and I know that because it has water and water is life. The earth’s soil is fertile and when seeds are planted on it, they grow into whatever plant the seed comes from. Nobody can explain that process safe to only describe it. There again seeds growing from the soil when watered, that phenomenon can only happen spiritually and the result will be growing plant.

Mountains are also alive. Some are volcanoes, others are spirit-possessed like thaba ya Modimolle in Mookgopong, also known as Naboomspruit. There are also caves that are alive and possess spirits, rivers that have kgwanyape or mamogashwa – water snake to those who have seen them. There are countless other experiences where people have come forward and made claims about certain places, rivers, mountains, oceans and trees, etc. to have some form of spiritual powers.

If the above analogy has been understood, then it will make sense to continue to the next line of argument.

Plants also have a spirit and that point is proven by the ability for plants to bear fruits year in and out. We know in spring flowers, trees and all manner of plants blossom and bloom and this happens consistently without fail. Have you asked yourself why plants bloom and your answer was: because it is spring time therefore we expect this to happen? If that is your answer, then you need to read this chapter some more!

There is ‘work’ that takes place behind the scenes. This is achieved by cross-pollination during the month of August which culminates in the blossoming of plants in September (obviously the referring to the southern hemisphere). There again, the wind which is an invisible force, hurls seeds all over the surface of the earth to allow plants to have intercourse with the seeds thus ‘catching’ them and resulting in the reproduction of new plants or revitalising of others. This phenomenon does not happen on its own, it is directed, commanded and instructed to take place every time during that period.

Bees also play a critical role and we all know that without bees all these flowers that we see would not blossom into beautiful flowers.

Let us take a look at animals. They too have the soul which is unique to each animal, i.e. identity and personality of each animal. In order for the spirit to function or manifest – I did not know what manifest meant until heard abazalwane overusing the word so much that I now understand – in order for the spirit to manifest into life, it needs a body or container to do so. In other words, the soul of the animal needs to exist inside its body in order for the animal to continue living.

The purpose of animals here on earth is also to reproduce just like plants, and they accept this responsibility unashamedly without fail. Animals reproduce with animals of the same breed except where humans intervene to create mixed-breeds, thus tampering with creation! However some interventions are to preserve dwindling species which may become extinct.

The soul in animals and humans is an identity which enables The Authority to identify with ‘whom the communication is to be established and maintained’. Sounds like fiction from a sci-fi movie! But this concept is easy to grasp. The soul ‘connects’ with the spirit from The Executive Authority and thus a spiritual communication is established!

Animals do not behave in any manner they choose. No, they are ordered to act in a particular manner. I cannot imagine a lion chasing to another lion with the aim of eating it or copulating with a zebra or rhino! That is not how animals behave in the animal kingdom.

The universe maintains some form of communication with The Creator or else there will be chaos and confusion that will lead to catastrophe. This spiritual communication is governed and maintained by The Executive Authority. As already explained, The Authority gives commands, lays down laws, gives directives and most importantly wisdom, sanctifications, protection, sanctions and many other values that all creation requires.

Thus spirituality is the ability for all creation to establish and maintain a constant communication with The Authority! You can never get any clearer explanation than that!