What if?

I believe by now the liberation of black people from white rule and attainment of political freedom (independence) since the late 1950’s in Africa should by now have prepared African people to rule and effectively take charge of their lives.

South Africa’s political freedom in 1994 also should have made it possible for majority of blacks to enjoy liberation from poverty, economic strife and led to prosperity. Yet we see the attainment of independence in Africa and freedom in South Africa having brought more challenges to the incumbent leadership, past and present. Wasn’t liberation from slavery, colonialism and apartheid expected to have brought victory and prosperity to Africans? What if it didn’t?

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The Universe

The universe is the totality of everything that exists, also referred to as all creation, including all matter, energy, planets, galaxies and other intergalactic space: source by Wikipedia.

Before the universe was created by the supernatural force or spirit, there existed darkness and this darkness ensured that nothing would be created. For nothing to not be created, it would require some energy or force to ensure that creation does not take place. I hope this is not confusing as it almost sounds like tautology, but please bear with me.

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