African People, what a Beautiful Nation!

When people talk about beauty referring to people, they often refer to outward beauty as it is the virtue that meets the eye. They always heap praise on what is obviously conspicuous to the naked eye, almost oblivious to the inner being of the individual. Inner beauty is concealed and often does not come through unless it is seen in the person’s deeds.

But can we equate inner beauty to outer beauty? What is inner beauty anyway?

Beauty as defined by many ‘lies in the eyes of the beholder’. In other words, every person has a different appreciation to beauty and thus nobody could be in agreement as to what or who is beautiful. Does this expression, if it is an expression, be accepted in the context in which it is described or is this expression simply falling short of appreciating what could be standing before the observer or the beholder.

Of course we have many ‘seers’ in our midst therefore it is expected to take into consideration everyone’s perception of beauty rather than narrowing it down to one ‘seer’ who may be skewed to accord beauty to one individual more than the other.

My take on the subject is that, beauty cannot be differentiated nor appreciated depending on who the beholder is, but rather to what beauty is. If something or someone is beautiful, why can’t we just say what is true and what is in front of our eyes?

People have become more accustomed to hiding behind what is false and try and justify it to be the truth. Many a times the truth is in front of them, but they would rather seek ways to discredit it. Like Stephanie Mills’s song that goes: “many seek gold but cannot find whereas it is in front of them”. I will add to say: if gold was a snake, it would bite them dead.

But when it comes to African people there is no argument about our beauty. Oh black people, what a beautiful nation? We are a beautiful nation both internal and external. To really appreciate our beauty look at our women! Those who bring life to this planet! Their skin tone is unparalleled. Their body is to die for. Their caring, love and nurturing. They have always been the envy of many nations. Even the erstwhile colonial masters could not resist!

We are indeed a beautiful people.