Man’s Quest to Dominate Another

But what is at the heart of dominance and why is it necessary for one to dominate another? Does dominion go hand-in-hand with authority? These are the questions that have always boggled my mind each time I read and hear about people’s desire to control and rule and even oppress other people. That cannot be fun!

Is it a human character to dominate others? I don’t have a gripe with domination so long as it seeks to protect those who cannot look after themselves. But if dominion becomes oppression there is where I draw the line. Since the beginning of the human existence there has always been a need for others to dominate and rule over many, an example will be that of the kingdom that ensured that a people born of the ‘royal’ family should dictate how other people should behave and conduct themselves.

Kingdoms were relevant at the time since in order to keep the people in check and to cause them to obey the laws of the universe, kings were charged with those responsibilities to rule fairly and inculcate cultures of obedience. And there were great kings like Sekwati, Makhado, Mankurwane, Hintsa, Modjadji, Moshoeshoe, Shaka, etc. who ensured that prosperity reigned in their kingdoms. This type of rule cannot be construed as domination and oppression as these kings and queens ruled in accordance with guidance from the ancestors, elders, wisemen and the community, in other words, they were not their ‘own men’.

But humans being fallible, some royals felt the need to misuse the chiefdom as an instrument to order people around and often with impunity and injustice to many, subjugate their rights to exist.