A New World Order in the offing!

The recent leadership 2020 that took place at Gallagher Estate saw renowned speakers from the US and here at home share life experiences, skills, motivation and encouragement with the attendees about how the make more and more money.

The universe allows for new entrants who wish to make a mark and a positive contribution to shape the new world order and one that will take mankind to prosperity. It is the universe that creates suitable conditions for new ideas to be cultivated in many nations. But it is not all people of the nations who are privileged to this knowledge.

In practical terms, white people have shaped the current world order by almost everything that we use and enjoy today! They have created systems by which the order could be achieved. The religious system, economic system, education system, sciences, medical, military, technological, and industrial and many other systems are all traits of a world order created by white people. The way this world order is achieved is by ensuring that they – whites – are in charge of ‘overseeing’ the operability of these systems, thereby ensuring their perpetual maintenance throughout the system’s’ existence.

Take the religious system which is Catholicism later followed by Anglicism. These systems bears the hallmarks of world order bent on dominion over peoples of the world. Although Buddhism is older than Catholicism and Anglicanism, but its make-up is not to infiltrate the world and create a universal religion.

The economic system which is capitalism has been modelled as the ‘be-all and end-all’ economic system which supposedly bring prosperity to the world. The system was responsible for the rise of the European countries, the UK, US, Australia, etc. in contrast to the demise of Africa, Americas and Asia which could only mean that it is not beneficial to mankind. It is not surprising that it is now collapsing with the once-prosperous countries taking a huge knock and facing inevitable poverty and unemployment.

As for the once downtrodden countries, we see an emergence of these with the birth of BRICS partnership – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa coming together to form a new economic system amid the resistance from the UK and US.

What do these things mean for us as Africans? Yes we have notable successes but mainly in the form of individuals the majority of whom are in America and others in Africa. Do we as Africans have an appetite to shape the new world order?  Or is it the preserve of other nations but Africa?

I believe Africans have the ability to seize the opportunity and shape the world order the world so desperately need. The only thing that we need to do is firstly, seek knowledge on how the universe functions. I am most sincere when I say we have got minimal knowledge of the universe since there is little evidence to suggest otherwise.

All achievements by individual blacks in Africa and the US point to one thing: they are built around an existing system or they are reinforcing an existing sytem, therefore ensuring a continuance of the current world order. You will hear motivational speakers imparting knowledge and skills on how to become successful entrepreneurs

China has perhaps the oldest civilisation in the world stretching 500 000 years. This civilisation was characterised by the rise of dynasties: from Shang Dynasty in 1600-1100 BC to Han Dynasty in AD 220, China has a rich history which makes it a formidable player in the global stage.

So is the Indians and Russians and Mayans. Can we say the same with Africans?

The Indians, Chinese and Brazilians have a cultural heritage which is documented and which spans over centuries. From Hindu astrology to Vedas The Vedanas.

Do we as Africans have the desire to dominate the world?

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