African People, what a Beautiful Nation!

When people talk about beauty referring to people, they often refer to outward beauty as it is the virtue that meets the eye. They always heap praise on what is obviously conspicuous to the naked eye, almost oblivious to the inner being of the individual. Inner beauty is concealed and often does not come through unless it is seen in the person’s deeds.

But can we equate inner beauty to outer beauty? What is inner beauty anyway?

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Youth politics of deceit at a ‘tertiary’ level!

Whilst a student in the 90’s at the former Technikon Northern Transvaal now Tshwane University of Technology, I was always mesmerized by student politics and how brilliant this youth leaders were and ahead of their time. I have many times asked myself how come these leaders being students, able to master the art of public speech, power of persuasion and the finesse with which they executed their student leadership tasks. I was in deed in admiration.

Many of these leaders were in the student representative council known as the SRC and they were vocal about student matters and also militant in terms of putting their points across. What I noticed was that they were highly respected by the institution’s authority and they held power over the institute’s academic matters and general affairs. As for us students, we followed like sheep each time they called student meetings and other social gatherings of concern to students. Such was the nature of student politics.

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The Universe

The universe is the totality of everything that exists, also referred to as all creation, including all matter, energy, planets, galaxies and other intergalactic space: source by Wikipedia.

Before the universe was created by the supernatural force or spirit, there existed darkness and this darkness ensured that nothing would be created. For nothing to not be created, it would require some energy or force to ensure that creation does not take place. I hope this is not confusing as it almost sounds like tautology, but please bear with me.

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