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My name is Maputle Khumisho Maphutha, I am an aspiring author and an ordinary citizen of this beautiful continent called Africa. I was born in a place called Warrenton, Northern Cape in South Africa. From the age of seven, I have been fascinated by things like funerals, weddings, religion, etc. asking myself why they were important to humanity and whether they were necessary. Just so many questions for a young boy at that age, it was really odd to grapple with such complicated issues.

Maputle Maphutha

My curiosity has let me to ‘clash’ with my peers at school, outside school and even at work during discussions and debates, where I was labelled petulant, argumentative and antagonistic. I have always held a view that the world that we live in has many dimensions, i.e. the way we see it, our perception about it, how we live and do things are but a few dimensions and that there exists dozens other methods of achieving even bigger things – only if we use our imagination and stay ‘connected with the rest of all creation‘.

This website challenges DIRECTLY, all African people to honestly and truthfully, think about our situation in relation to other nations and whether we consider ourselves as equals to these people or whether we have given away our humanity in order to be accepted by other nations. We speak, live and behave like our erstwhile oppressors and we have conceded our place to belong to the universe and have given away our authority too. Which other nation has been devastated much like the African people? Hence my challenge to all of us, to rethink our position and whether we would like to be known as slaves and kaffirs to eternity? There is no option to choose either way, we have to do something about our lives.

I am an African who has an ambition to reach out to the African people across the world and to challenge ourselves about our spiritual and mental state. I wish to be among those who started the black revolution including W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Franz Fanon, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Bob Marley and many ordinary people who have contributed to the course of the African struggle.

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